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Twisted Stiches Part 2.jpg

Twisted Stitches
Part 2

If you enjoyed using some of the designs in my Twisted Stitches Booklet, here are some more designs, featuring Twisted Stitches panels and tuck lace.

The button above will direct you to my online store at Atherton Dance Centre/Cachet. Please look in the Charting section and ask for Twisted Stitches Part 2 in the comments section at checkout.


I little more complex than most of the designs in the original booklet, but giving a great textured fabric, which can incorporate a scalloped edging. Also includes a simple bobble tuck design which would not be possible with thicker yarns, in normal machine produced tuck.

I have also included charts of squared sleeve or set in sleeve garments, for use with any stitch pattern, and for sizes from 3-6 months up to bust 48. These can be used either with a charting device or by using calculations, as explained in my Beginner's Guide booklet.


Suitable for all machines with punchcards (or electronics). It will take longer on a standard gauge machine than on a chunky or mid gauge machine. I used a Brother KH260 with ribber. If you only have a simple machine you will still be able to create the designs by reading from the charts, it will just take a little longer. Most designs need a 24 st punchcard, 2 can use a 12st punchcard.


The charts include sizes from age 3-6 months to bust 48", but you can use the designs in any way you wish.


Any yarn suitable to your machine.

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