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'Jessica' collared and puffed sleeve cardi

Jessica collared cardigan with puffed sleeves.jpg

The button above will direct you to my online store at Atherton Dance Centre/Cachet.

Please look in'Charting Patterns' and ask for Jessica Cardi in the comments section at checkout.



How to convert your basic pattern to produce a collared, puffed sleeve cardigan, on any machine, with any yarn, and with any stitch pattern. Full instructions, from drawing the design, to finishing the cardigan, suitable for a relative beginner.


Any machine with a ribber and charting device.


You will be using your own basic pattern, created with your measurements. If you don't have this, go to  (or back to the Charting page) and click on 'Basic Pattern' to download free instructions on how to create your own pattern.


You can use whatever yarn or stitch pattern you like, as long as it is suitable for your machine. Make one set of tension swatches and away you go.

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