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The button above will direct you to my online store at Atherton Dance Centre/Cachet.


Please look in the Booklets section and ask for Transitions in the comments section at checkout.


The above are just some of the designs included. Transitions is a booklet containing many interesting ways to transition from one colour to another both horizontally, and in a new and interesting way, diagonally across your garment, using a 24st punchcard (or electronics). Included are full insructions for all the methods, plus a video to help explain the diagonal process. All the charts, for punchcards and electronics are full size so you can print them out to trace straight onto your punchcard or mylar sheet. Also full instructions on how to position your design on your garment using your chart. If you haven't got a charting device, I explain how you would still be able to do this. 68 pages full of instructions, charts, knitting tips and ideas, to help you produce your own unique garment. All the diagonal designs have matching horizontal designs. On the garments above I have used these to embellish the sleeves.


Any machine with a ribber and charting device.


You will be using your own basic pattern, created with your measurements. If you don't have this, go back to the charting page and click to download free instructions on how to create your own pattern..


You can use whatever yarn you like, as long as it is suitable for your machine. You will need 2 or more yarns of a similar weight, so therefore knitting up to a similar tension.

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